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ROM TWRP for Sony Xperia ZR

  • Title: TWRP for Sony Xperia ZR
  • Listed: 02/11/2018 2:16 pm
  • ROM Version: v3.2.1-1 (18-02-04)

TWRP for Sony Xperia ZR



TWRP is an open source, community project. TWRP development is done by roughly 4 people at this point. We also have a large support community with many people who are willing to answer questions and help people with their devices either through our IRC channel or on forums like xda-developers.
Team Win was originally formed to work on porting WiMAX to CM7 for the HTC EVO 4G. After our work on the EVO 4G we wanted to work on a project that would work on more devices than just the EVO 4G and we settled on working on a recovery. Today TWRP is the leading custom recovery for Android phones.
A custom recovery is used for installing custom software on your device. This custom software can include smaller modifications like rooting your device or even replacing the firmware of the device with a completely custom “ROM” like OmniROM
You can find the source code for TWRP at github.com/omnirom/android_bootable_recovery/



We need your help! The bulk of TWRP work is done by 3 people on a volunteer basis. We have pushed most of our device files to our github and we have a gerrit instance. If you have the ability, please help us maintain our official devices and/or add your device to our official device list. Thanks in advance!


What's new in 3.2.1-0:

- minui fixes (cryptomilk)
- Better android-8.0 compatibility in ROM trees (Dees_Troy)
- Fix missing library in android-8.0 (nkk71)
- Fix inconsistent SDCard naming (DevUt)
- Default to TWRP restore instead of adb backup restore to fix restore on fresh TWRP boot (jlask)
- Allow restoring adb backups in the TWRP GUI (bigbiff)
- Fix gzip backup error in adb backups (bigbiff)
- Fix a bug in TWRP's backup routines that occasionally corrupted backup files (nkk71)
- Better support for installing Android 8.0 based zips due to legacy props (nkk71)
- Support vold decrypt with keymaster 3.0 in 8.0 firmwares (nkk71)
- Decrypt of synthetic passwords for Pixel 2 (Dees_Troy)
- Support newer ext4 FBE policies for backup and restore in libtar (Dees_Troy)
- v2 fstab support (Dees_Troy)
- Bring TWRP forward to android 8.0 AOSP base (Dees_Troy)
- Various other minor bugfixes and tweaks

Notes About Sony Devices:

The Xperia devices have a recovery-in-boot arrangement. This means that the recovery is booted using the regular kernel / boot image in the device. Team Win has worked with the FreeXperia device maintainers to come up with a way to extract the ramdisk from the FOTAKernel partition and use the ramdisk from that partition instead of the recovery that is included in the boot image of your device. This means that if you install current CM nightlies and flash TWRP to the FOTAKernel partition, you will be able to use TWRP instead of the CWM or CM recovery that normally comes in a CM boot image. Other boot images including stock kernels can be repacked to include this extraction utility to allow you to use TWRP from the FOTAKernel partition. This setup allows you to choose what recovery you want to have installed and allows you to update your recovery more easily.  Unfortunately this setup requires that the boot image that you have installed include the ramdisk extraction utility.  The source for this utility is here:

This setup means that you must have a kernel or boot image installed that will use the FOTAKernel method. This utility is designed to work in conjunction with the current methods that most AOSP ROMs, like OmniROM or CyanogenMod, will support. Some rare stock kernels may also support the FOTAKernel method.
What does all this mean? It means that TWRP may not work on your device unless you install other custom software as well. Check with your ROM developer to see what they support.

(prerequisite: unlocked bootloader)
Please make sure that you have downloaded the correct file.
TWRP images are specific to each device.
Downloading an image for a different device, no matter how similar, usually does not work.
>> Use appropriate root-enabled-app (such as TWRPRashr or Flashify) to flash .img file <<<
Note: many devices will replace your custom recovery automatically during first boot. To prevent this, after typing fastboot reboot, hold the key combo and boot to TWRP. Once TWRP is booted, TWRP will patch the stock ROM to prevent the stock ROM from replacing TWRP. If you don't follow this step, you will have to repeat the install.


TeamWin – TWRP (author)
CyberWalkMaN ***maintainer***

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