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ROM Jiayu S3 RC4 (released jan. 2016 by JIAYU / Germany)

Jiayu S3 RC4 (released  jan. 2016 by JIAYU / Germany)


DOLBY ATMOS (952 dls)
supersu-2.46 (910 dls)


RC5 OTA Updates
with new features …like QUICK Charging…etc(see Pictures)
usually can be Upgraded via internal OTA App.
you must have the RC4 TWRP !!
Downloaded from Jiayu Germany Public sources !!
Flasch with SP Flash via Desktop PC
If you are on KIKAT, choose "Firmware Upgrade"option
Never choose option " Delete All+Download"   !!
if you do it, your phone will loose the IMEI , may be Complette nvram..
after that your smartphone will not be able to registered in mobile network!!
Multi lang.
D O L B Y ATMOS ( Flash via Recovery) for Better Music and Sound BASS  !!!
SUPER-SU ROOT ( Flash via Recovery)
recovery integrated Teamwin
I tried it today on my Jiayu S3 ADV. Working very will with some new features..like "showing seconds with clock and color by choice" etc…
for CWM / TemWin  Custom recovery download on below link.
viel spass damit
have fun…

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