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ROM Blu Life Max LineageOS 14

Blu Life Max LineageOS 14



Lineage-14.1 for Blu Life Max
As with any rom you flash any damage is your own fault, and it voids you warranty.
LineageOS is a free and open-source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers, based on the Android mobile platform. It is the successor to the highly popular custom ROM CyanogenMod.
This rom is for blu Life Max 32bit, it could be ported to similar devices I won't be providing and help in doing that.
What works:
video playback
Known issue:
fingerprint scanner not working.
You need to use BTmomo app for sound over bluetooth
to install download rom and flash via twrp.
place lineage-14.1-20170511-UNOFFICIAL-Life_Max.zip on sdcard reboot to twrp
factory reset
install lineage-14.1-20170511-UNOFFICIAL-Life_Max.zip
reboot to system.
this rom will take a while on first boot.
TWRP download
Rom download
you needs to install gapps.
rom has built in root just need to enable it.
Security Patch May 5 2017
Credits :
Coming from stock rom you have to format data via fastboot, cause stock rom is force encrypted.

Factory reset does nothing, you have to wipe internal sdcard, done via fastboot, then boot into TWRP and wipe data also.

boot into bootloader

fastboot format userdata

fastboot format cache

fastboot boot Life_Max_31_recovery.img

in recovery

format data

type yes

now data partition is fixed, if you ever flash your backed up stock rom, you will need to repeat this as your data partition will become encrypted.

To me it's just common practice to use fastboot format userdata 
fastboot format cache before installing any rom, it's required anytime you use a rom that was encrypted, the partition needs to be deleted and rebuilt non encrypted.

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